Beat the 2020 depression - Rebuild Morale - 20% Increase In Productivity Guaranteed


2020 has taken something from us all, impacting negatively on morale and productivity. Fear and uncertainty about the future are the new normal. Few leaders truly understand the fact that performance is not driven by skills, but by emotional content! We are, for the most part, losing it on feeling!

We at Ronin have a proven way to restore motivation, confidence, optimism, and spirit, all by empowering individuals and teams though the Firewalk Experience.

In fact, Koetoe Botha’s Ford Dealership had its best year to date in the depression of 2008! He attributes this unexpected success to the self-motivation and team-spirit employees demonstrated after a company hosted Firewalk Event!

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BENEFITS - The Firewalk Experience helps team members and employees learn how to master themselves, take control of circumstances, and achieve their goals in spite of the odds, while binding them as a team. This in turn reduces the burden carried by leadership, minimizes the negative impact of 2020, and significantly enhances performance - all impacting on a speedy business recovery!

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PORTABLE - Catering to small or large groups, the Firewalk makes the perfect standalone event, or add-on to an existing function. Firewalking is portable, and can safely be presented at any venue

PROGRAM - After setting up and lighting fires, the team is briefed for 45-90min. This briefing can be tailored to the theme or needs of your group. The event then reaches a climax with the actual Firewalk! Pictures and videos allowed

SAFE - 28 Years experience - world record holder - 3000 plus events - qualifier of 30 international instructors


David is so happy with what you did, and said that you far exceeded our expectations! Everyone was raving about the Fire-walk at the dinner, and it created such an awesome vibe. We have been getting emails all morning about the Fire-walk, it made the conference a huge success. You really got through to the franchisees, and we only hope to build on this from here on in. Thank you so much for the experience!

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With Nate Osmond

 Gordon Cooper has successfully run more than 3,000 Firewalk events in various countries, and trained and qualified almost 30 instructors world-wide. Learn how to overcome the hold of fate and fear and how to awaken the beast inside. This insightful episode is a must listen for those looking to step-up their game.  



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