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Empowerment Specialist - Firewalking Pioneer

MY STORY: As founder and president of Ronin Empowerment LLC, I have, over the last 28 years, successfully run more than 3 000 Firewalk events in various countries, and trained and qualified almost 30 instructors world-wide. My clients include large educational institutions, national sports teams, military and law-enforcement groups, and a series of multi-national companies - all sharing a strong desire overcome the hold of fate and fear, and instead make things happen! 

As teacher and mentor, I have helped over 100 000 people experience the ancient firewalk with its timeless lesson. Firewalking is real - a real experience, a real fire, real primal fear, and a real outcome. One who cannot literally and practically change the mindset with which they face challenges, cannot even walk, never mind do so successfully. A change in action and outcome requires offensive, proactive emotional content. Thus the power behind the firewalk experience, and the fearless mindset

I have in the course of my business unofficially broken a number of world-records - including youngest and oldest persons recorded, longest walk, and most people at a single event. You are in safe hands!



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