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Motivation  -  Teambuilding

The Firewalk is an extreme and powerful model. The Fire itself represents any personal or business challenge. The conditioned Fear that automatically arises is the root cause of inaction and failure. Delegates are taught to flip the switch from fearful and reactive to literally stepping confidently into unknown territory. This breakthrough experience is a switch-flipping metaphor for individuals, equipping them with the proactive mindset essential to taking decisive and life changing action moving forward. Reinforced by this powerful experience they become empowered to not only successfully walk-the-fire but to face challenge in all its forms. An if I could do that, then I can do this! attitude is forged, along with the kind of team-spirit that can only exist among those sharing in such a bonding experience. Finally, a simple system is put in place to maintain and build on this experience and ensure long-term success.

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International Firewalk Event...

Watch Gordon motivate hundreds of delegates to walk-the-fire at this international motivation & teambuilding event!!



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